UI/UX Training for Developer Teams

Important: this service is currently discontinued as I'm focused on Userlist.

Want to help your team build better software? I'm offering onsite UI/UX training for developer teams. Below I'm describing the most popular workshop format, but we can always discuss a custom program for your team.

Best UI/UX Practices in Software Development (1-Day Workshop)

In software development, user experience is a critical factor to product success. However, it’s often overlooked for various reasons: lack of knowledge, lack of interest, lack of design staff. Busy UX professionals usually don’t have enough influence (and time) to handle all development issues. You’ll know it too well if you’re a UX lead struggling with design culture in a large company.

The only way to achieve excellent user experience is through collective effort — when everyone is aware of the best practices, understands the value of UI/UX, and is willing to contribute to product design.

This one-day workshop will get your entire team on the same page with essential UI/UX knowledge. Everyone will learn to develop a focused product strategy, apply it in everyday workflow, promote best UI/UX practices, and avoid common design pitfalls. During the course of the day, lecture fragments alternate with real-life examples, group exercises, and actionable UI/UX teardowns.

As a result of this training, all team members will adopt a progressive, UX-driven mindset — which will improve performance and help you build better software.


The program has a flexible modular structure covering various subjects. As a result, syllabus can be customized to fit the specifics of your company. Program modules include, but are not limited to:

Practical Exercises

This isn’t a typical training day full of lectures. We’re going for 20% theory and 80% practice. Your team will master UI/UX principles by doing dozens of exercises based on real-life web apps. It’s like design teardowns, but participants will do it themselves.

Is Any Coding Involved?

No, this is not a coding workshop. It teaches developers a broad design mindset, not a specific technology.


The program is targeted at developers with no design preparation, but the syllabus is totally high-level and craft-agnostic. It would be better if other team members joined as well, especially designers, so that everyone can learn to apply the same ideas together.

Details & Format

About the Trainer

Jane Portman is an accomplished UI/UX consultant and trainer based in Russia. She’s an active conference speaker, podcaster, and author of three books on UI/UX design, including The UI Audit. Jane helps teams build better software by adopting a simple, strategic design mindset.

Interested in training?

Please email me at jane@uibreakfast.com with details about your business. We’ll discuss pricing, curriculum, and book your workshop date.

The 1-Hour UI Audit: Get Your Free Course

With this free email course you’ll conduct a simple do-it-yourself audit of your web app: eliminate the obvious design flaws, gain control of your features, and start building the UI that customers really want.