UI/UX Services to Help Your Software Business

Currently my client work is limited to larger engagements as I’m focusing on Userlist.io. If you’re looking for my previous productized consulting line, the archived snapshot is available here for your inspiration (you can also check out the book).

For larger projects, we get together for a few weeks and improve your product screen-by-screen, focusing on key areas first. I only work with web applications (primarily B2B products). Websites and mobile apps are outside of my scope. The deliverables are typically high-fidelity layouts in Figma.

My weekly rate is currently $3,950 (one week minimum). One week is often enough to improve key areas of the app, overhaul the style, and give you a good way to go. More time is required if you need to solve complex problems, or develop a new product.

To get started, email me with your project details to check availability and see if we’re a good fit.

“Jane delivered the unicorn of consulting!”

Joanna Wiebe“Jane’s been a godsend for us. Not only did she interpret our needs perfectly, but she was proactive about making additional design suggestions that enhanced our new product. Jane delivered the unicorn of consulting! No startup founder should dare launch without her guidance.”

— Joanna Wiebe, founder of Airstory and Copy Hackers

Not ready for a big investment yet?

No problem at all! Just sign up for my free course called The 1-Hour UI Audit. You’ll learn the essential concepts and run the basic checklist yourself.