Knowledge should be actionable! These books, guides & tools will supercharge your professional growth — both as a consultant and UI/UX designer.

Your Productized Consulting Guide

Your Productized Consulting Guide
Want to get started with productized consulting? This step-by-step guide will teach you how to craft an irresistible offer, overcome typical client objections, write the perfect sales page, protect your business, and strategically plan your entire productized consulting line.

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The UI Audit

Want to design web applications that are actually useful to people? This concise, hands-on book will teach you how to adopt a simple, strategic approach to UI/UX design — from product strategy to each individual screen.

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This is a lightweight, affordable email automation platform for SaaS companies. With this tool you can track what your users are doing inside your product, and send relevant behavior-based email to them. My co-founders are Benedikt Deicke (who built Tiny Reminder for me) and Claire Suellentrop (previously the Director of Marketing at Calendly).

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Tiny Reminder

Asking people again and again, with no result? Missing deadlines? This friendly web app plays “bad cop” for you when you need something from clients or guests. Just build a form and set a reminder schedule, and we’ll follow up with automated email notifications. Tiny Reminder has been acquired by Nathan Powell and Michael Koper of Nusii.

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The 1-Hour UI Audit: Get Your Free Course

With this free email course you’ll conduct a simple do-it-yourself audit of your web app: eliminate the obvious design flaws, gain control of your features, and start building the UI that customers really want.