Your Productized Consulting Guide

Want to get started with productized consulting? This step-by-step guide will teach you how to craft an irresistible offer, overcome typical client objections, write the perfect sales page, protect your business, and strategically plan your entire productized consulting line.

Tell me if these client problems sound familiar to you…

If you don’t take control of the situation now, you’re going to keep struggling with the same problems. But, the good news is that there’s a silver bullet! It’s called productized consulting.

Productized consulting is a term for selling consulting services as a fixed-price, value-based offering with a pre-defined process. It helps you eliminate proposals, allows you to set your own rules, and makes you a super-attractive, easy hire. And most importantly, it lets you transition from painstaking hourly billing to value-based pricing!

Without a clear process, clients are scared to take the first step

Can I trust this person? How much will it cost me? What does the process look like? What do I even need? What if the scope spirals out of control and I waste my precious budget with the wrong person?

Productized consulting answers all these questions immediately on your sales page — before clients even get in touch with you. This book will teach you exactly how to showcase your services and pricing, so that your prospective clients will feel like you’re reading their minds!

Who is this book for?

This book will help any professional freelancer or consultant who wants a finer, clearer way of doing client work. This includes, but is not limited to, designers, developers, marketers, and copywriters.

This guide will also help if you’re looking to productize the services of your entire team. All the recommendations apply to both individuals and teams, and there’s a bonus section for teams at the end of the book.

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“Fastest ROI on a book this year!”

Rob Turlinckx” This hands-on guide provided me with tons of insight to turn my services into a more sustainable consultancy business. In less than half a day your first productized package is ready to ship, increasing profit for your business. Fastest ROI on a book this year!”

— Rob Turlinckx, design consultant and co-founder of SaaSresources

“The exact “paint by numbers” solution I needed”

Claire Suellentrop“I’ve been happy with the consulting revenue — but the amount of time and mental effort required to craft custom engagements, and write custom proposals every time, was exhausting. I was looking for a way to streamline the sales process, and Jane’s guide was the exact “paint by numbers” solution I needed. All I had to do was follow the steps she outlined!

In 24 hours, I’d created my first productized service and was ready to share it with the world. The very next day, I closed my first productized deal. By now, I’m booked out for the next 3 months, and have a healthy pipeline of inbound leads requesting the same productized service next quarter. Without Jane’s guide, I would’ve overthought the whole process, and never would have gotten past the blank page.”

— Claire Suellentrop, previously Director of Marketing at Calendly

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Get your free sample

Join my list below to get a free sample of Your Productized Consulting Guide. If you're already on my list, please email me instead and I'll send you a sample personally.