UI Practicum #8. Painful Problems with Lists (Video Teardown of MailChimp)

Published August 05, 2016 by Jane Portman

Even the most advanced, polished apps can have painful UX flaws. Today I’m doing a video teardown of MailChimp, powerful email marketing software that I use every day. We’ll walk through certain problems with lists and menus, and identify common rules for them. Watch the video below for details.

Watch the video on YouTube


When working with lists, follow these rules:

  1. Make sure each list item has the following critical controls: Edit, Delete.
  2. Consider optional controls: Archive, Pause/Resume.
  3. If the order of items is critical, then provide the opportunity to reorder them.
  4. Bulk actions are great, but if any of them are applicable to a single item — duplicate them in the item menu, too.
  5. If your web app has two separate pages or tabs that deal with the same object list (just showing different functionality), consider combining them in a single page or tab.

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