Mastering App Presentation: Your Ultimate Guide to Presenting Design Work

Your can design a beautiful interface, but that's not enough to sell your work. The key is how you present it! This book will teach you hands-on design techniques that produce dramatic results.

Any design needs to be served

I know exactly how it feels when your design is rejected. Bitter, undervalued, disappointed. You’ve probably heard, “We are not quite there yet…” It took me years of practice to figure out how to successfully pitch ideas that push the envelope. You need to become as confident in your presentation skills as you are in your design craft.

It’s not enough to design a perfect concept. It’s not enough to have a beautiful product. You cannot just share the screens — it doesn’t work like that! Any design requires some additional effort to make sure it produces the needed impression.

This book is for you, if you need to…

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Mastering App Presentation: Open Book

You can master it!

Sure, great presentation isn’t quick and easy to create. But it’s not rocket science either! I’ll walk you through each aspect of app presentation step-by-step. I’ll cover elements, tips and techniques that you can start applying right now.

I will teach you how to handle device images, create dynamic compositions, work with illustrations, text, colors and other creative assets. You will also study the business side of things: various tips and tricks will help you effectively interact with clients, investors and customers.

Expert interviews

Interview Portraits
The book features interviews with established designers who have a tremendous number of fans and followers: Nathan Barry, Leigh Taylor, Nick Disabato, Rett Martin, Haraldur Thorleifsson, Sylvain Weiss. You will uncover the secrets behind their success.

“Presentation is an overlooked area for many designers”

“Presentation is an overlooked area for many designers, but without it we won’t get very far. Through Jane’s extensive experience as a creative director, we can learn to use effective presentation to “sell” our work. This book is not to be missed!”

— Nathan Powell, visual designer and writer

“Learn how to present your work better”

“In my career, I’ve learned that design isn’t just about making great things: it’s teaching a client about your work, and persuading them that it’s a good way forward. Jane’s book will help you learn how to present your work better, so you can have happier and less stressful engagements. If you want to be a better design professional, buy this book.”

— Nick Disabato, interaction designer and writer

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Sidenote: this book was first published in 2013. Some of my opinions (and writing style) have changed since then. Selling such legacy book doesn’t seem reasonable, but you can still learn from it — so you’re welcome to download your free copy.

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