UI/UX Training Tour in London, August 27—September 3

Published August 11, 2016 by Jane Portman

Exciting news! I’m going to London August 27—September 3 to do a series of training events. Please find event details and book your tickets below.

August 30: Fundamental UX Practices (Full-Day Workshop)

With this hands-on workshop you’ll learn fundamental UX principles of designing web applications and websites. We’ll cover product strategy, feature optimization, navigation and dashboards, website architecture and CRO. I’m going for 80% practice: you’ll master design principles by doing dozens of exercises based on real-life examples. It’s like UI/UX teardowns, but you’ll learn to do them yourself!

This is an full-day event starting August 30 at 10:00 am. The workshop program is 5 hours, plus a bonus 1-hour Q&A session. Audience: everyone involved in production — founders, designers, developers, and product managers. Ticket prices start at £89.

Book your ticket here.

Developer Team Training: Best UI/UX Practices in Software Development (Full-Day Workshop)

The only way to achieve excellent user experience is through collective effort — when everyone is aware of the best practices, understands the value of UI/UX, and is willing to contribute to product design. This workshop will help! As a result of this training, all team members will adopt a progressive, UX-driven mindset — which will improve performance and help you build better software. Learn more about the program here.

This 1-day onsite workshop costs £3,550 for a small group (up to 10 participants) and £3,750 for a large group (11—25 participants). Update: I’m currently doing last-minute bookings at 50% off!

Interested in Team Training?

To book a workshop, just email me at jane@uibreakfast.com and tell me about your team. Please get in touch as soon as possible — we need to agree on the date.

About the Trainer

Jane Portman is an accomplished UI/UX consultant and trainer based in Russia. She’s an active conference speaker, podcaster, and author of three books on UI/UX design, including The UI Audit. Jane helps teams build better software by adopting a simple, strategic design mindset.

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