Custom UI Audit — the Actionable Screen-by-Screen Teardown of Your Web App

Are your SaaS users filing the same annoying support issues or complaining about the outdated look of your web app? Let’s make your design a competitive advantage, not an afterthought. In this audit, I’ll take a fresh professional look at your web app, determine critical design flaws, and put together an actionable plan for improving your UI/UX.

Important: custom audits are currently not available

My client work is limited to larger client engagements as I’m focusing on Please visit the Services page for current consulting rates and engagement terms.

Are you experiencing any of these design-related problems in your SaaS business?

“I wasn’t able to find… How can I do…?” You send them to the help articles and walk-through videos, but deep down you know that this needs to stop. Users deserve a better experience. Will they churn because they can’t get things done?

Excellent UI/UX is a competitive advantage. Bad, thoughtless UI/UX is a bottleneck in your business. But where exactly is the problem? How do you find it? There’s not enough time in your day to read all the books and articles you need to get up to speed on UI/UX.

Here’s a helpful hint from one entrepreneur to another. Your own opinion is biased: you can’t fairly judge your own product.

Your product needs a fresh professional eye

As a UI/UX consultant, I’ve been helping SaaS businesses for years. Recently I developed The UI Audit method by collecting and systematizing common design problems in web applications (now writing a book with the same title).

This “Done for You” version is your unique chance to hire me directly to audit your SaaS product. Here’s what I’ll do:

“The audit was hugely helpful”

“I LOVE IT! Our app has had many hands working on it. I was not satisfied with where we were — which is why I took up this audit offer. The team was probably “blind” at this time to see fresh — including myself trying to balance “release to users” vs “product polish.” The audit was hugely helpful, and we’ll also use it as a guide to handle new features.”

— Indra Dosanjh, Lifelogger

You should consider using this service if…

“It is such a relief to find a subject matter expert whom I can trust…”

“Jane is a consummate professional when it comes to all aspects of interface and experience design. It is such a relief to find a subject matter expert whom I can trust to give me the best possible advice and guidance when dealing with even the most complex web apps.”

— Iain Dooley, Working Software

“The audit was a super-useful investment”

“Jane was perfect in her outlook towards our vision and product, and she was able to assimilate the complexity of our application very well. Her report has helped us to effectively strategize our approach to the user experience in our product. The audit was a super-useful investment!”

— S., Head of Product & Customer Experience at a leading SaaS product company

What are the deliverables?

The ultimate deliverable is a comprehensive, actionable teardown of your web application presented as a PDF report. First, I thoroughly inspect your web app and take key screenshots. Then I run an audit following my own method: we define your product strategy and run a usability checklist for the key screens of your web app.

I also make an epic number of comments along the way. These comments may include, but are not limited to:

Will you review all screens in my web app?

As you know, web apps come in all shapes and sizes. I’m not familiar with yours yet, so I can’t say. If you have a huge number of screens, I won’t cover all of them, just 5–7 key screens that provide the most important user experience.

But what are these key screens? I determine that myself, but usually it’s rather obvious where we should focus. Just following common sense here!

Do you provide wireframes or screen mockups?

In the basic package, there’s no actual “design work” happening. I’m giving you a punch list of high value design improvements which you can check off as you have time. These recommendations will guide your decisions and help to avoid expensive mistakes.

The premium package, however, includes some hands-on UI/UX work, where I implement the recommendations in practice. It can be wireframes or high-fidelity layouts in Sketch, depending on your needs.

Can you audit a website (mobile app, booklet, printable form, etc)?

No, The UI Audit is for web apps only. I could certainly audit anything you like — but this is a focused consulting offering that uses a specific method, targeted at web applications.

I don’t have much time. What’s my level of involvement?

Here’s what you do (not too much):

How much does the UI audit cost? How long will it take?

The Basic Package currently costs $1,795. You’ll receive an actionable audit report described above (15-20 pages).

The Premium Package costs $3,495 and includes actual design work (redesign of key screens and a complimentary style guide). This is what most clients request after conducting their audits. Not sure about this yet? You’re welcome to upgrade any time.

If you order right now, you’ll get your audit report within 2 weeks after our initial consultation. That’s way faster and more effective than waiting for a high-touch consulting opportunity.

The previous audits have collected amazing feedback. That’s why I provide a full 100% money-back guarantee on this offering. If you’re not happy with the audit results — I’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

I’m interested! How do we get started?

Please send me an email at briefly describing your business and your top UI/UX problems. If you’re a good fit for the audit, I’ll send you a scheduling link for the initial consultation.

Not ready for a big custom audit yet?

No problem at all! Just sign up for my free course called The 1-Hour UI Audit. You’ll learn the essential concepts and run the basic checklist yourself.