Coefficiency: Free Course on Managing Designers

Do you wish you could receive much better output from your designer? This free email course will teach you how. Working with designers should be productive and efficient, not painful.

Get the best value for your money

Great designers are expensive. You can spend thousands of dollars hiring the best experts, but it doesn’t guarantee immediate success. There’s one more component that makes a great product — effective management and collaboration.

You have a vision for the great product in your head. But too often the final design turns out not quite right, way behind schedule and out of budget.

Managing designers shouldn’t be so painful

I am a design consultant and have led a large design team for several years. I’ll show you how to approach your chosen designer in a way that yields the best results. Working with a designer doesn’t have to be frustrating. You just need to communicate your needs and restrictions effectively, and trust the designer when it comes to questions that are not within your expertise.

And the output will surprise you in the best possible way.

This course doesn’t preach any precise method or workflow. Instead, it covers foundational steps and principles that all successful projects have in common.

Who is this course for?

This course is crafted specifically for those who hire design experts and want to get the most out of such engagement: developers, product managers, business owners. But designers will also get great value from the course: you will learn what exactly makes the developers fall in love with you.

“It’s a great course, spot on from both sides of the coin.”

— Nathan Powell, visual designer and writer

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So are you interested in getting that perfect look and feel for your product? What if you could receive the best design treatment in a predictable manner, without stress or frustration? Sign up for the course below and start improving your design process today.

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