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UI Breakfast Podcast. Episode 120: Web Design Equation with Sean Doran

Portrait of Sean Doran

Wouldn’t it be great to have a logical approach to creative disciplines? Today we talk about “the web design equation” — a system similar to atomic design which uses mathematical principles. Our guest is Sean Doran, Head of Design at Wiretap. You’ll learn how to think systematically about constants, variables, constraints, maximums, and minimums — concepts that we face daily in our design projects.


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UI Breakfast Podcast. Episode 111: Effective Website Navigation with Els Aerts

Portrait of Els Aerts

We’ve been building websites for decades, yet each project imposes new challenges when it comes to navigation. Our guest today is Els Aerts — a famous usability expert, speaker, and co-founder of AGConsult. We talk about the core principles behind effective navigation, how to figure out what information deserves the spotlight, and how to avoid common pitfalls. You’ll also learn how to deal with navigation challenges in different industries: government websites, ecommerce, and SaaS.


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