UI Breakfast Podcast. Episode 37: Customer Support Done Right with Alex Yumashev

Portrait of Alex Yumashev

Customer support is the key part of user experience. But how do you handle it right? Our guest today is Alex Yumashev, the founder of JitBit Helpdesk, who has been in this industry for many years. You’ll learn why customer support can’t be a temporary job, how to approach it in a human way, and why even CEOs should still be doing support on a regular basis.


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UI Breakfast Podcast. Episode 10: Writing Technical Documents with Thomas Cannon

Thomas Cannon

Writing support documents is no easy feat. How do you explain technical things to non-technical users? How do you balance being concise and going into details? Today we get together with Kai Davis to interview Thomas Cannon who’s deeply passionate about technical documentation and support (while being a developer by trade).


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