Great Books. Shawn Blanc: Delight is in the Details

Author: Shawn Blanc

Book Title: Delight is in the Details

User Experience

Initially I was very impressed with book’s aesthetics and was merely hoping to have a beautiful read on my iPad, stealing time between other everyday activities. Yet I’m very glad I decided to go with the full audio version — it gave me hours of extra joy while driving.

As compared to other books, Shawn starts with adding the delightful details even when “packaging” is concerned — the book is distributed in multiple formats, accompanied by detailed (illustrated!) instructions. I didn’t explore any of the formats besides audio and PDF, but somehow I’m sure all versions of the book are carefully crafted and thoroughly tested.

Audio Version

When I loaded the first track, I was instantly charmed by the author’s pleasant voice and high audio quality. Then I listened to the publishing story: how Shawn recorded the podcasts, transcribed them, then reassembled them into a book and did the final recording again. That really made a great impression and resulted in my respect for his upcoming content. (more…)

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Creating the Book. Part 2: The Inspiration

Nick Disabato wrote a great blog post on how he took a break in client work.

“So I did that. I’m beginning my third week of consulting for the most unforgivingly critical client I could ever hope to take on: me. And I’m treating myself like I’m actually a client.”

I’ve done the same thing twice this year (now being the second intermission), and the effect has been fantastic both times. Once in a blue moon every professional needs to take a remote look at his goals and positioning.

Each of my intermissions has started with devouring quite a few books. I so much enjoy taking time and immersing into self-development resources! There’s no venture that can do well without proper research. (more…)

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