UI Practicum

UI Practicum #2. How to Present Advanced Options Without Overwhelming the User

In this issue of UI Practicum we’ll talk about presenting advanced options. Sometimes the solution is counter-intuitive. To achieve simplicity, we need to introduce an extra level of complexity — all to identify simple common scenarios and treat them separately.

Here’s a great example. Justin McGill, the founder of LeadFuze, asked me about their scheduling screen. His biggest concern was the overwhelming amount of controls on the page. “Should we split them into a multi-step wizard to make things easier for the user?” — he said.


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UI Practicum #1. How to Justify Your Design Decisions

No one works in isolation. Not only you have to make design decisions, you also need to prove their worth to other people. In this issue of UI Practicum, I’ll show how you can do it relying on logic and design principles. (more…)

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