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UI Breakfast Podcast. Episode 177: Habit-Forming Products with Sebastian Stockmarr

Portrait of Sebastian Stockmarr

When it comes to habit-forming products like email, product design is all about finding a balance between power and simplicity. Our guest today is Sebastian Stockmarr, a partner at Founders venture studio and the co-founder of Tempo. You’ll learn the story behind their minimalist email tool, the current state of the email industry, and the various processes they used to shape this product.

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UI Breakfast Podcast. Episode 176: Leadership for Designers with Ryan Rumsey

Portrait of Ryan Rumsey

How can designers take business leadership roles? What skills can make them more relevant in the entire business system? Our guest today is Ryan Rumsey, the founder of Second Wave Dive and the author of Business Thinking for Designers. You’ll learn about the various types of leadership, as well as the tools and strategies designers can use at the decision-making table. (more…)

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UI Breakfast Podcast. Episode 175: Product Trends with Dru Riley

Portrait of Dru Riley

Knowing the newest product trends is pivotal as they can be applied across many industries. But what’s the best way to identify and watch trends? Our guest today is Dru Riley, the founder of Trends.vc. You’ll learn the story behind his famous newsletter, how he creates his reports, and what trends you can apply to your business in 2020 and beyond. (more…)

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UI Breakfast Podcast. Episode 174: Staying Focused with Nir Eyal

Portrait of Nir Eyal

Why don’t we always do what we plan or promise? Distractions have been around forever, but there are methods of overcoming them. Our guest today is Nir Eyal, the author of Hooked and Indistractable. You’ll learn all about distractions and the reasons behind them, as well as Nir’s expert tips on managing your time effectively. (more…)

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UI Breakfast Podcast. Episode 173: Voice UX with Sina Kahen

Portrait of Sina Kahen
Voice UX is one of the fastest-growing technologies in history. Why is it so effective? Is it any similar to conventional UX design? Our guest today is Sina Kahen, co-founder of The Voice Course. You’ll learn the fundamentals of voice and conversational UX, how voice is used in some popular apps, and how to get started with the right tools and resources. (more…)

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UI Breakfast Podcast. Episode 172: Naming Your Product with Brad Flowers

Portrait of Brad Flowers

We all know that a good brand name is essential, but the actual process often remains a mystery. Our guest today is Brad Flowers, the founder of Bullhorn Creative and the author of The Naming Book. You’ll learn about the stages of the naming process, why it doesn’t have to be customer-centric, and how to make the right decision.


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UI Breakfast Podcast. Episode 171: Working Solo with Rafal Tomal

Portrait of Rafal Tomal

Is building an agency the only path to design success? Can you succeed on your own? Our guest today is Rafal Tomal, a UI/UX design consultant who has recently returned to working solo. You’ll learn how to scale your freelance business while focusing on your favorite work, how to get help from contractors, and how to grow professionally without growing in team size. (more…)

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UI Breakfast Podcast. Episode 170: The Power of Workshops with Jonathan Courtney

Portrait of Jonathan Courtney

How can you use workshops to level up your design practice? Why are they exponentially better than regular meetings? Our guest today is Jonathan Courtney, CEO of AJ&Smart and the author of The Workshopper Playbook. You’ll learn how they transformed their business using workshops, why this collaboration method is so powerful, and how to get started with your first workshop.


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UI Breakfast Podcast. Episode 169: Building Your Brand with Austin Church

Portrait of Austin Church

How do you approach something as ephemeral as your brand? Can us mere mortals do it? Our guest today is Austin Church, a brand consultant and co-founder of Balernum. You’ll learn what a brand means, how to develop your brand using simple DIY methods, and how to communicate it on your website and in your product.


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UI Breakfast Podcast. Episode 168: Succeeding at Freemium with Tim Valishev

Portrait of Tim Valishev

Should you go freemium? Will it help your SaaS grow, or kill your revenue instead? Our guest today is Tim Valishev, co-founder and CEO of JivoChat. We talk about their many years of growth as a freemium product, how to adopt the right mindset when it comes to your free plan, how to balance free and paid features, how to encourage conversions from free to paid, and much more.


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