UI Breakfast Podcast. Episode 212: Data-Driven Design Decisions with Zack Naylor

Portrait of Zack Naylor.

How can we use data to drive discussions and solve disagreements as a product team? How can we, as designers, take a seat at the decision-making table? Today our guest is Zack Naylor, the co-founder and CEO of Aurelius. You’ll learn how to convert data into product insights, how to evaluate quantitative and qualitative data, how to say “no” to product roadmap suggestions, and more.

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Better Done Than Perfect. Using Surveys for Customer Success with Moritz Dausinger

Portrait of Moritz Dausinger

Today we have another episode of Better Done Than Perfect. Listen in as we talk with Moritz Dausinger, founder of Refiner. Moritz shares the story behind his survey tool, when and how to survey your users, and many other tips for making the most of the survey data.

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UI Breakfast Podcast. Episode 210: Running a UX Patterns Library with Ramy Khuffash

Portrait of Ramy Khuffash

What does it take to successfully run a content library for designers? What are the challenges? Our guest today is Ramy Khuffash, indie hacker and founder of Page Flows and Screenjar. You’ll learn about Ramy’s founder journey, how he works on multiple products simultaneously, how content products compare to traditional SaaS products, his pricing strategy, and more.

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UI Breakfast Podcast. Episode 208: Illustration Systems with Pablo Stanley

Portrait of Pablo Stanley

Is great illustration a privilege of industry giants? What if every software project could use it freely? Our guest today is Pablo Stanley, iconic illustrator and co-founder at Blush. He shares his take on creativity, illustration systems, his favorite brands, illustration sourcing at Blush, and more. (more…)

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Better Done Than Perfect. Customer Success for Infoproducts with Alex Hillman

Portrait of Alex Hillman

Today we’re bringing you the first episode of Better Done Than Perfect’s Season 2. Join us for a talk with Alex Hillman, founder of Stacking The Bricks and author of The Tiny MBA. We discuss the company’s conception and philosophy, how they handle customer service, what makes a great course, and so much more.

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UI Breakfast Podcast. Episode 207: Scheduling & Calendar Design with Derrick Reimer

Portrait of Derrick Reimer

What makes a successful scheduling app? We may never know the exact answer, but we can learn from some of the best. Our guest today is Derrick Reimer, founder of SavvyCal. He shares the story behind his new product, calendar design tips, customer success insights, tool recommendations, and much more. (more…)

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UI Breakfast Podcast. Episode 204: Cross-Device Experiences with Cheryl Platz

Portrait of Cheryl Platz

As designers, we’re often used to one device format, and that may lead to mistakes. What about accessibility? How can we design seamless experiences for multiple devices? Our guest today is Cheryl Platz, author of Design Beyond Devices. You’ll hear about multimodal design, UX frameworks, system behavior models, accessibility, nudges vs notifications, brainstorming, and more. (more…)

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Better Done Than Perfect. Templates & Onboarding Videos with Christopher Gimmer

Portrait of Christopher Gimmer

Today we invite you to listen to one of our latest episodes from Better Done Than Perfect, a new show for SaaS founders. Enjoy this interview with Christopher Gimmer, co-founder of Snappa, where we explore the fascinating topic of templates and onboarding videos. You’ll learn all about these powerful onboarding tools and how to use them effectively in your SaaS company. You’ll also hear Christopher’s take on repurposed content, conversions, the friction of confirmation emails, and much more. (more…)

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UI Breakfast Podcast. Episode 195: Minimalist Design with Brian Gardner

Portrait of Brian Gardner

Minimalism may be considered merely an aesthetic choice, but it also determines many other decisions we make in product design and life in general. How can designers implement and stand by their minimalist principles in web and product design? Our guest today is minimalist designer Brian Gardner, founder and CEO of Agent Engine. You’ll learn about Brian’s journey into minimalism, his design philosophy, and his recommendations on staying true to your values. (more…)

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UI Breakfast Podcast. Episode 193: Designing for Tablets with Mark McGranaghan

Portrait of Mark McGranaghan

How different are tablet interfaces to those of phones and desktops? And what makes a tablet-based app fully functional and worth building? Our guest today is Mark McGranaghan, founding partner at Muse Software and principal investigator at Ink & Switch. You’ll hear Mark’s angle on tablet interface design, industrial research, user onboarding, as well as his advice on building tools for thought. (more…)

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