Mastering App Presentation: Bonus Link Pack

Published February 04, 2014 by Jane Portman

Mastering App Presentation: Bonus Link PackI put together this link pack as a bonus for my book, Mastering App Presentation. This small, curated collection of design resources will be very handy. These templates, assets and tools are directly related to the presentation techniques that I cover in the book. And best of all, they’re available to use for free.

High-quality PSD mockups from Pixeden

If you haven’t yet heard of Pixeden, I highly recommend you visit them regularly. They provide fantastic premium mockups for a very reasonable price, but many of the resources are free. Here are just some of them.

iPhone 5S Flat Design Mockup

iPhone 5C Flat Design Mockup

Flat Responsive Showcase

iPad Air Perspective Mockup

iPad Air Vector Mockup

Perspective Tablet Mockup

Perspective App Screens Mockup

Presentation templates by Graphic Burger

Graphic Burger is a great collection of design freebies by Raul Taciu (Romania). Most are “cooked in house,” and some are handpicked from other popular resources.

iPhone 5S & 5C mockup (hand view)

Perspective App Screens Mockup (multiple screens on a single surface)

Isometric Perspective Mockup (stack of layers with various depth sizes)

Flat mockups for HTC One and Galaxy S4 by Ramil Derogongun (Philippines)

These flat mockups will be useful for those who design for Android. Personally this isn’t my cup of tea, but my husband owns an HTC One and it’s downright gorgeous. Click here to learn more and download.

Presentation templates by Balraj Chana (London)

These templates allow you to display up to 4 screens at once, with a nice sense of dimension and “gravity.” They’re particularly awesome for designing attractive Dribbble shots.

iGravity Screen Layers (up to 4 in 1)

iGravertical Screen Layers + iOS 7 Screen Converter

Vector iPhone gestures by Julian Burford (the Netherlands)

Here’s a nice way to show off your interactions, just as we discussed in the book. “Some time back I made a set of iPhone gestures for an iPhone app presentation. I have been using them ever since for presentations, sketches, storyboards, etc.” Click here to learn more and download.

Precomposed touch gestures by Areus Wade (San Diego)

For those interested in motion design. “A set of basic, precomposed touch-device gestures in a neatly organized zip file for you to use in product demos or presentations. These gestures are available as raw Quicktime animations. They’ll work in your video editor, and Photoshop.” The landing page is fantastic! Click here to learn more and download.

Online service for generating product screenshots in realistic environments

Placeit allows you to display your screenshots in creative real-life situations. The resource is paid, but some stages are available for free.

Author’s note

All these templates don’t require much knowledge to use — most of them are based on Photoshop smart objects.

However, don’t forget one more thing. A pretty picture is great, but you should also pick the perfect content, moment and situation for showing it. In other words, don’t be merely an artisan.

Be a businessman.

You can find great advice on doing that in the book, Mastering App Presentation.

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What are your favorite resources?

So did you find this collection useful? You’re most welcome to suggest your own favorite resources for the next link pack. Just drop a comment below, or get in touch at

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