UI Breakfast

UI Breakfast Podcast. Episode 49: Behind the Scenes of Tiny Reminder Launch with Benedikt Deicke

Portrait of Benedikt Deicke

In this special behind-the-scenes episode you’ll meet Benedikt Decke who helped me build and launch Tiny Reminder (the new productivity tool for freelancers and consultants). Benedikt is a talented software engineer, awesome consultant, and the founder of of Stage CMS. We talk through the entire process “from idea to launch” — how we determined the scope for the MVP, how we launched it, why we switched to the freemium model, and what we plan to do in the future.


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Freelancer Focus: Jane Portman

This week we’re joined by Jane Portman, a freelance UI/UX designer from Russia. In addition to freelance work, Jane is also the author of Mastering App Presentation, dubbed “The Ultimate Guide to Selling Design Work.”

Jane was kind enough to answer a few questions for us about her business, how she works with clients, and how writing her own book has helped to grow her freelance business.

Read my interview on properapp.com

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