UI Breakfast Podcast. Episode 48: Reverse-Engineering Your Life & Work with Drew Thomas

Portrait of Drew Thomas

Today we’ll talk about reverse-engineering. You can apply this thought process virtually anywhere — in choosing the right client or the right lifestyle. Our special guest is Drew Thomas, an ecommerce expert and seasoned entrepreneur. We talk about our agency experiences in the past, and why we can “do what we want” these days. You’ll learn how to start with the most important criteria, and work your way backwards to the desired client or lifestyle.


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UI Breakfast Podcast. Episode 43: User Experience in Ecommerce with Kurt Elster

Portrait of Kurt Elster

We’re back after a short break! Today we’re exploring user experience in online stores. Our special guest is Kurt Elster, the guru of ecommerce and the founder of Ethercycle. We break down the entire purchasing flow and explore design specifics of each step: product list, item description, shopping cart, and checkout. You’ll learn how to showcase your products, reduce friction, and motivate your customers.


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