Conquer the heart of your customer with powerful design. Convert brilliant user experience into revenue.

Hello! I’m Jane Portman, an independent UI/UX designer and consultant from Russia. I help software businesses make more money with strategic design. UI Breakfast is my consulting project, and I also wrote a book, Mastering App Presentation, which teaches designers and business owners how to showcase digital products. Get Coefficiency — my free course on managing designers.


What can I do for your business?

Expert Evaluation

Expert Evaluation

Just a few hours are needed to immerse myself into your business and put together design strategy that will dramatically improve your product and increase sales.
Product Concept

Product Concept

Developing new product is a unique chance to create amazing branding and user experience from scratch. You'll need a hand of a seasoned expert to guide you along.
Project Rescue

Project Rescue

Is your app suffering from flaws in interaction or marketing? Many of these can be cleared by redesigning the interface and marketing website. Recover your revenue streams by exciting users with changes.

Let’s make your project a smashing success

What will work best

I enjoy when great developers take beautiful design and carefully bring it to life, implementing all the tiny, seductive details. The result is amazing applications that nearly sell themselves.

My help is most effective for medium-to-small businesses, where I get the opportunity to build more intimate relationships and execute rapidly on projects of any scale.

We’re not the best match if…

  • You’re looking for a commodity designer to stamp out screen layouts according to a checklist. I want to help you build the best solution possible given our combined expertise, which means open discussion and trust from both sides.
  • You don’t have a solid developer team on hand, and don’t have intentions to hire one down the line. I’m a designer and focus entirely on the visual side of things, so I don’t write code for any of the projects.
  • You believe that it’s possible to disrupt the industry by great design only. We all know that stellar projects need to be perfectly designed, brilliantly developed, smartly managed and even better marketed.
  • You love to poke, prod and micromanage your team. That just won’t be necessary.
  • You’re looking for the lowest rate or your project scope is very small. Usually projects with an overall budget under $10,000 are not likely to be a good fit for high-touch consulting services.

Ready to get started?

I’m currently in the idle (book-promotional) mode, but I’d love to learn more about your business and see if there might be a fit for future projects. I’d be glad to hear from you at with any questions or ideas.

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Client success stories

Jane is consummate professional when it comes to all aspects of interface and experience design.

It is a such relief to find a subject matter expert whom I can trust to give me the best the best possible advice and guidance when building even the most complex applications.

Iain Dooley Iain Dooley Decal Marketing

Jane built a UI that was spot on and took into consideration all of the input.

For each deliverable, she provided detailed insight on our application's UX considerations. Our business will be more successful because of her attention to detail and quality craftsmanship.

Tom Esposito Tom Esposito Bridal Live

On one particularly big project, Jane provided sound user interface advice to implement on our iPhone app.

We are not only pleased with the work, but our users have sounded out with praise on the clean execution. Jane is genuinely interested in the client and what they need out of the project. I'd hire her in an instant!

Derrick Wong Derrick Wong Kaktorgi PTY. LTD.

I've worked with a variety of designers for the past 20 years and Jane is the best one by far.

She is hyper-aware of the user experience. She has great taste and is on top of things you may have forgotten. I highly recommend her.

Emanuel Younanzadeh Emanuel Younanzadeh Real Radius LLC