Losing customers because of UI/UX issues? Learn to take smart design decisions & build a focused, profitable SaaS product.

Hello! I’m Jane Portman, an independent UI/UX consultant from Russia. I help SaaS founders build focused, profitable products. Previously a creative director at a large agency, now I write books, do productized consulting, speak at conferences, run a podcast, and raise two little boys. Check out The UI Audit book, or sign up for The 1-Hour UI Audit — a free crash course for SaaS founders.


What can I do for your business?

Expert Evaluation

Design Education

My goal is to help you take control of your SaaS product by making educated UI/UX decisions. Books & courses below will help you do the most important things yourself, without hiring a professional designer.
Product Concept

UI/UX Strategy

Should you do a minor UI re-skin, invest into a large redesign, or launch your SaaS “as-is” and wait for the customer feedback? Book a strategy call below, and I’ll help you with important decisions in UI/UX, marketing, and product development.
Project Rescue

UI Audit “Done for You”

Not sure what design problems make your SaaS customers churn? Need to find and fix critical UX flaws? Book a UI audit below, and I’ll do a detailed screen-by-screen teardown of your web app.

Ready to take control of your UI/UX?

The UI Audit Book

The Founder’s Manual for Making Your Product Simple, Focused, and Profitable. Frustrated with the look of your product, but don’t have funds to hire an expensive designer? This concise, no-fluff book will teach you how to audit and optimize your UI for customer success. Learn more about the book and get a free chapter.

The 1-Hour UI Audit

Free Crash Course for SaaS Founders. With this free course you’ll eliminate the obvious design flaws in your web app, gain control of your features, and start building the UI that customers really want. Sign up for the free course here.

UI Breakfast Podcast

Join us for exciting conversations about design, business, products, marketing, and so much more. Check out the new season co-hosted by Kai Davis, the famous outreach consultant. View recent episodes here or subscribe to http://simplecast.fm/podcasts/1441/rss in your favorite podcast app.

More resources

  • Coefficiency — the free course on managing designers.
  • The Independent Consulting Manual — a book I co-authored with my fellow consultants from the Productized Consulting Roundtable. I wrote two chapters and designed the cover.
  • Correlation — monthly creative direction for software companies (one of the first productized consulting examples in our community, discontinued).
  • Mastering App Presentation — my first book that teaches UI designers to sell their work with effective presentation.
  • Fundamental UI Design — my second book published by InVision as a free course.

Would you like to hire me for your project?

After the book launch, I currently have a few consulting slots open. Please get in touch at jane@uibreakfast.com to see if we’re a good fit. I also have a few productized consulting offerings that might fit your business needs. The cost-to-value ratio makes them a no-brainer! Plus, the waiting time is minimized.

Walkthrough Strategy Call

Should you do a minor UI re-skin, invest into a large redesign, or launch the product “as-is” and wait for the customer feedback? You’ll tell me the story of your product, explain your decisions, and walk me through the key screens. We’ll determine critical flaws in your UI and refine your product development strategy. The call is full 2 hours long, which is great for a productive, in-depth conversation.

The walkthrough currently costs $495. Interested? Write a few lines about your business to jane@uibreakfast.com, and I’ll send you a payment link and a scheduling link for the call.

The UI Audit “Done for You”

Are your SaaS users filing the same annoying support issues or complaining about the outdated look of your web app? Let’s make your design a competitive advantage, not an afterthought. In this audit, I’ll take a fresh professional look at your web app, determine critical design flaws, and put together an actionable plan for improving your UI/UX.

This is the fastest way to get a detailed, actionable review of your SaaS product. Interested? Learn more about the audit here.

Or sign up for the free course

Would like to get some valuable design knowledge first? Sign up for The 1-Hour UI Audit — free crash course for SaaS founders — and learn how to build simple, focused, and profitable products.

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Jane Portman

Hey, I’m Jane Portman. I’m an independent UI/UX consultant from Russia, author and speaker. I’ve come a long way from my roles as a designer and creative director at a large agency.

For over 10 years I’ve been helping founders make more money with strategic design. I know how you feel and what problems you face daily. My goal is to take some stress off your tense shoulders. These books and courses should facilitate your daily decisions. So good luck, and stay focused!

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Client success stories

Jane is consummate professional when it comes to all aspects of interface and experience design.

It is a such relief to find a subject matter expert whom I can trust to give me the best the best possible advice and guidance when building even the most complex applications.

Iain Dooley

I’ve worked with a variety of designers for the past 20 years and Jane is the best one by far.

She is hyper-aware of the user experience. She has great taste and is on top of things you may have forgotten. I highly recommend her.

Emanuel Younanzadeh

Jane asked all the right questions about our goals and requirements for our new product, and not only did she interpret our needs perfectly, but she was proactive about making additional design suggestions that enhanced the user experience.

Jane delivered the unicorn of consulting. No startup founder should dare launch without her guidance.

Joanna Wiebe at Copy Hackers

There’s no hand-holding with Jane. I give her a high-level objective of what I want to accomplish and some clues for the way I want my visitors to feel and she uses her considerable talents to take it from there.

I’m in business for long-term results. I will use Jane’s work for years and make many multiples of her cost during this time. She’s #1 on my list, every time.

Nick Hance